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  • Laurène - Carnet d’Escapades 

“When I come to Val d’Hérens, it’s always to visit my friend Patricia, a Val d’Hérens enthusiast who knows how to convey her love for her valley.”

Winter Weekend   

Hiking in summer

  • Benoît and Fabienne - NovoMonde

“Those who have followed us for a long time know that we particularly love Val d’Hérens. It is thanks to our friend Patricia that we discovered this little paradise” 

Hiking in autumn

  • Valentine - Awwway

"Patricia, adopted from Valais, is a true ambassador for her region. A lover of nature, the mountains and above all her heart valley and its local traditions, Patricia is always looking for new discoveries, meetings and sharing. 

Patricia's walks

  • Alexandra - Itinera Magica

"A huge thank you to Patricia  for his hospitality"

Hiking in Val d’Hérens

Bold women of Val d’Hérens

2023 - Alpes Magazine - Read

Bold women of Val d’Hérens

2023 - Alpes Magazine - Read

Val d’Hérens is the original Valais;

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YOUPITRIP: Destination concierge, talking about it is good, living it is better!

2022 - Tourism info  - Read

Make others want

2018 - GastroJournal -Read

The hotelier who became an ambassador for her destination

2017 - Quebec tourism monitoring network - Read

A promotion up to date

2017 - Le NouvellisteRead

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